Healing Bodywork

Your body is your soulmate. In every moment, with every breath, every choice, and each action you are in a relationship with your body.

What does this relationship look like for you? 


Healing Bodywork is a physical and energetic recalibration and alignment of all of you.

  • relieve pain
  • remove static energy in the body that is preventing personal/spiritual growth and creating obstacles which lead to pain
  • realign the energy centers in the body that is specific and custom to your individual needs to move forward in life with purpose and ease.

This is a unique and high vibrational energy bodywork modality and is suitable for those who are actively engaged and committed to their personal/spiritual growth.

It is gentle, relaxing and rejuvenating bodywork and is not for people who are seeking deep muscle and tissue manipulation. It is, however, deep work energetically and is not suitable for people who do not want or are not open to transformational shifts.

A healing session is approximately 90-120 minutes including time for integration along with the actual hands-on portion of our session.

As a licensed massage therapist for nearly a decade and dedicated yogi, Anandi Kristina’s recalibration bodywork lends itself a unique holistic style all of it’s own. Working with the physical as well as subtle bodies we dislodge and dissolve “static” and realign the energy centers preparing you for the next phase of health and personal evolution.



Stress, overwhelm and pain all are signs that there is a misalignment in one or more of the bodies. Anandi Kristina works with you in “silent conversation” through the physical body in this specific therapy with a mastery that is combined with the highest level of compassion to ensure your session is both powerful and nourishing.

Your session is tailored specifically for you. Schedule a private session today and get on the path to a blissful new relationship with your body, spirit, and mind!

If you feel this therapy is exactly what you are looking for, you can book your sessions here. If you would like more information or to speak with Anandi Kristina directly to see if this is a good fit for your needs, please contact her for a

complimentary 30-minute discovery session.