Kristina Luce (Anandi) LMT, CMT

Kristina (Anandi) graduated from Northeastern University with a Bachelor of Science in Classical Social Thought and Philosophy in 2001. In addition, she has also studied Criminal Law and Forensic Investigation at Northeastern University. kristina head shot

In 2005 Anandi became a licensed massage therapist while also continuing her career of 13 years as a nationally certified level III ski instructor and trainer.

Formally introduced to self-inquiry and meditation while in Connecticut in 2007, she learned that much of her life had already been spent seeking spiritual practice and self-inquiry, and that she was unaware of it simply because she had no formal guidance.

In 2012, Anandi set out to the desert of Arizona to meet Durga Ma for the first time. Though she had no real idea of what was drawing her there, it quickly became apparent at their first meeting.  There was an instant recognition of this as her path and she became a shaktipat initiate of Durga Ma and had her long desired prayer of finding a true teacher fulfilled.

In addition to her devotion to yoga sadhana, Anandi raises her young son, teaches meditation and continues a healing practice.

Her desire for her life’s work is best described in the words written by Parhamasana Yoganada:

“Lord, may Thy Love shine forever in the sanctuary of my devotion, and may I be able to awaken that Love in other hearts.”

Anandi is a Certified teacher of Durga Ma’s Natural Meditation, with gatherings in Connecticut.